Trabzon is the most developed city of the region in terms of education and training; local people show huge interest in education and training in the city where there are various educational institutions ranging from kindergartens to universities.

With its 3 universities, approximately 10.000 licensed qualified work force are provided every year.

It has a strong manpower with a population of 130 thousand aging between 15-25.

It is one of the metropolises with its population of 786.326.

There are 2.340 academicians in total at KTÜ and Trabzon University, and 366 of which are professors.

There are 286 academicians at Avrasya University established in 2010, and 38 of those are professors.

Number of students per classroom in primary and secondary education is 19 in Trabzon while it is 29 in Turkey.

The total number of educational institutions as Preschool, Primary Education, General Secondary Education and Vocational and Technical Secondary Education in Trabzon is 632 and the number of students in these schools is over 140.000.

There are 18 Public Education Centers in the province that contribute to the increase of qualified workforce.

In Trabzon, there are 201.681 graduates from vocational schools, undergraduate schools or from a higher level.

There are 37 implementation and research centers in total within universities.

With more than 1.400 foreign students in universities, it hosts students from many countries, especially from near geography.

The labor force participation rate in Trabzon is 52.8%, the employment rate is 46.8% and the unemployment rate is 7.4%.
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