Trabzon has a strong industrial infrastructure that offers a wide range of opportunities to national and international investors.

More than 7,000 jobs are provided in 4 Organized Industrial Zones and 6 Small Industrial Sites.

With its strong network, more than 250 companies export to more than 100 countries.

With its international airport that is the highest capacity and the busiest of the Black Sea, the largest port in the region and free trade zone offering foreign trade advantages, its accessibility is at high level.

3rd city with the highest current surplus

It has a strong manpower with its population of 130 thousand aging between 15-25.

With its close distance to Caucasus, Russia, Central Asia and the Middle East, it is the safest port.

Thanks to the vision projects developed, the development of the industry is supported.

With 1,2 billion USD export, it is the 15th city in the region, and 1st in Turkey.

With business support mechanisms such as TTSO, DOKA, Trabzon Teknokent etc., sustainable business development supports that the industry may need are provided.

With strong collaboration between institutions, the investment ecosystem is kept alive all the time.

It is the 10th city having the highest creative capital index.

With 3 universities, approximately 10,000 qualified work force are provided every year.
Beşikdüzü Organize Sanayi Bölgesi
Mobilyacılar Sitesi
Metal Sanayicileri Sitesi
Gıdacılar Sitesi
Arsin Organized Industrial Zone
Şinik OSB (Organized Industrial Zone)
Vakfıkebir OSB (Organized Industrial Zone)
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