Hinterland - Location - Logistics
Young and Dynamic Population, Qualified Workforce
High Potential of Export and Advanced Industrial Infrastrucutre
Rising Star in Tourism
Strong Infrastructure for Education, Health and Sports
Convenience in Establishing Business
Government Incentives and Citizenship Right
Suitable Climate Conditions for Business
High-Quality Life Standards
Hinterland - Location - Logistics
Attractive Geographic Strategic Location;

  • Proximity to important regions and countries such as Caucasus, Russia, Turkish Republics, Central Asia and Middle East;
  • Junction point in international land/sea transportation and freight projects;
  • An important route for passes between Asia-Europe;
  • A regional city of trade and transportation from past to present

Excellent Transport Network

  • International Road Connection - Black Sea Coastal Road
  • Zigana Pass and Ovit Tunnel providing connection to inner regions and Middle East Countries;
  • The 6th densest airport of Turkey in terms of number of passengers and 8th in total;
  • Highest capacity and densest international airport of Black Sea Region;
  • Opportunity to access to everywhere in the World with connecting flights from Ankara and İstanbul, and direct flights to Saudi Arabia, Germany, Azerbaijan, Russia and Netherlands;
  • Base of Airline Cargo Transportation;
  • Region’s largest port serving at international level with 3 ports,
  • Handling capacity of 10 million tons/year, storage capacity of 5 million tons/year, ship acceptance capacity of 2300 ships/year (Trabzon Port);
  • Free Zone offering foreign trade advantages;
  • Hosting 32 cruiser ships in 2013
Young and Dynamic Population, Qualified Workforce
  • Young populations’s high share in total population
  • A city having its population of 53,6% below age 35
  • Strong manpower infrastructure with 130 thousand population aging between 15-25
  • Increasing efficiency of personnel

% Trabzon Türkiye
Employment Participation Rate 54,4 50,1
Unemployment Rate 6,9 8,3
Employment Rate 50,6 46,1

  • Approximately 10% of the population is graduated from vocational schools or universities
  • Approximately 10 thousand graduates from vocational schools or universities every year
  • Social Insurance contributions are covered by the State up to 48 months
  • Cheap workforce comparing to Developed countries (5,8 times cheaper comparing to ABD, 4,2 times cheaper comparing to EU countries)
High Potential of Export and Advanced Industrial Infrastrucutre
With its high-volume foreign trade capacity and industrial infrastructure, Trabzon is a city of opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors who wish to make production and investments on regional, national and global scale.

  • Most exporting city in Black Sea Region with 1,2 billion USD and one of 15 cities in Turkey;
  • Widespread network and cooperation opportunities thanks to the exports made to approximately 110 countries through more than 200 export companies;
  • 3rd city having the highest current surplus;
  • 4 Organized Industrial Zones, 3 of which is active and 1 is being constructed;
  • Trabzon Teknokent
  • Technology Transfer Center;
  • Approximately 4.000 employees working at 110 companies in active organized industrial zones;
  • Approximately 900 businesses and 3000 employees in Small Industrial Site;
  • Many endemic plant species with high added value and Biotechnology Center to be established
Rising Star in Tourism
  • Worldwide known tourism destinations ( Uzungöl, Sümela, Ayasofya);
  • A high demand with approximately 500 thousand foreign and 2 million domestic tourists;
  • High demand from Gulf countries;
  • A bed capacity of approximately 6 thousand and increasing tourism investments;
  • Heaven of plateaus;
  • An alternative destination for health tourism;
  • Strong infrastructure for national and international sports organizations;
  • Rich historical background and cultural and folkloric elements;
  • The city that was conquered by Fatih Sultan Mehmet and ruled by Yavuz Sultan Selim, and where Kanuni Sultan Süleyman was born;
  • Products getting famous from Local to the Globe;
  • Akçaabat Köfte (Burger), Sürmene Knife, Trabzon Mat, Kazaziye, Hamsiköy Sütlacı (Rice Pudding);
  • Region’s trade center with its 3 big shopping malls and old and new bazaars
Strong Infrastructure for Education, Health and Sports
  • 3 universities, one of which is a foundation university;
  • Karadeniz Technical University (KTÜ) is the first university established out of İstanbul and Ankara cities;
  • Approximately 80 thousand university students and 2 thousand academicians;
  • A city of education where 10% of its population are graduated from university

  • Region’s leading city of health with 18 state hospitals and 3 private hospitals
  • eye and teeth hospitals being constructed with international qualifications
  • One of ten cities of Turkey in terms of health tourism

Specialist Physicians Practicing Physicians Assistant Physicians Total Physicians Dentists Pharmacists Medical Assistants Nurses Midwives
877 429 447 1753 192 311 2219 2378 708


  • Hearth of sports in Turkey;
  • 2007 Karadeniz Olympics; 2011 Europe Youth Olympics; 2013 FIFA U20 World Cup and 2014 ISF High School Handball Tournament;
  • Strong sports infrastructure that no other cities have in Turkey (Indoor sports facility with capacity of 7400, first gymnastics facility of Turkey, largest tennis complex with 16 courts in Turkey, first swimming pool with sliding roof in Turkey, Akyazı Sports Complex being constructed)
  • Base city of Trabzonspor, which is one of 4 big football teams of Turkey
Convenience in Establishing Business
  • Active competition conditions
  • Equal treatment to both domestic and foreign investors
  • Advantage of establishing business in a shorter time comparing to OECD and other developing countries

Turkey offers a very convenient business environment to investors thanks to legal regulations. Entrepreneurs, regardless of their nationality or where they reside, can establish companies expeditiously. Formation of a company can be completed within one day as long as one applies to relevant Trade Registry Office with required documents. The company earns a legal personality upon being registered to the trade registry.
Government Incentives and Citizenship Right
General Incentive Practices Regional Incentive Practices Incentive for Large-Scale Investments Incentive for Strategic Investments
✓ VAT Exemption
✓ Customs Duty Exemption
✓ VAT Exemption
✓ Customs Duty Exemption
✓ Tax Reduction
✓ Support for Employer’s Insurance Contribution
✓ Investment Spot Allocation
✓ Interest Support
✓ VAT Exemption
✓ Customs Duty Exemption
✓ Tax Reduction
✓ Support for Employer’s Insurance Contribution
✓ Investment Spot Allocation
✓ VAT Exemption
✓ Customs Duty Exemption
✓ Tax Reduction
✓ Support for Employer’s Insurance Contribution
✓ Investment Spot Allocation
✓ Interest Support
✓ VAT Return

Incentives Out of Organized Industrial Zone In Organized Industrial Zone
VAT Exemption
Customs Duty Exemption
Corporate/Income Tax reduction 50%(20% Corporate tax is applied as 10%.) 60%(%20 Corporate tax is applied as 8%.)
Contribution rate to Investment 20% of Fixed investment amount 25% of Fixed investment amount
Support for Social Security Contribution 3 years 5 years
Interest Support 500.000 TL 500.000 TL
Investment spot allocation In case where suitable public land is found
Suitable Climate Conditions for Business

  • Trabzon has a humid climate in General, and the humidity can reach up to 80%.
  • Average temperature in summer is around +32 degrees but it may drop until -6 degrees during cold winter months.
  • Average annual rainfall is around 800-850kg/m2.
  • While the average annual sea water temperature is 16.1, it is 27.5 °C in August and at its lowest in March with 6.0 °C.
High-Quality Life Standards

Trabzon is a port city where the historical silk road meets the Black Sea. It is the most developed city in the Black Sea Region with a population of 750.000.

Key Factors;

  • Splendid Coasts,
  • Parks, Plateaus,
  • Shopping Malls,
  • Magnificent Food Culture and Restaurants,
  • Hotels,
  • Education and Sports Facilities,
  • Health Services,
  • Activities and Organizations
Yüksek İhracat Potansiyeli ve Gelişmiş Sanayi Altyapısı
Hinterland - Lokasyon - Lojistik
Genç ve Dinamik Nüfus, Kalifiye-Ucuz İşgücü
Turizmde Yükselen Yıldız
Güçlü Eğitim Sağlık Spor Altyapısı
İş Kurma Kolaylığı
Devlet Teşvikleri ve Vatandaşlık Hakkı
İş Yapmak için Uygun İklim Koşulları
Yüksek Kaliteli Yaşam Standartları
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