Investment incentive system has been specially designed in order to encourage the investments with the potential of reducing the dependence for import of intermediate goods that are important for strategic sectors of the Country.

According to the subject/sector of their investments and the amount of the investment, companies can benefit from subsidy factors such as VAT exemption, Customs Duty exemption, Tax Reduction, employer’s insurance contribution subsidy, insurance premium subsidy, interest subsidy and investment spot allocation. Real persons, ordinary partnerships, stock corporations, cooperatives, business partnerships, Turkey branches of foreign companies can receive investment incentive certificate.

Applications are submitted to Ministry of Industry and Technology General Directorate of Incentive Implementation and Foreign Capital. However, for the investments not exceeding 10 Million Turkish Lira within general and regional incentive implementations, if the company desires, application can be submitted to the Investment Incentive Offices of Development Agencies in the region where the investment will be made.

Required Documents for State Incentives for Investments;

400 TL fee amount to working fund account of the General Directorate of Incentive Implementation and Foreign Capital of Ministry of Industry and Technology has been cancelled upon latest regulations.
To enter the applications for incentive on E-TUYS online, you shall send these forms below,

1 - E-TUYS Letter of undertaking form
2 - Certificate of incumbency
3 - E-TUYS User Authorization

to Ministry of Industry and Technology General Directorate of Implementation and Foreign Capital as stated in E-TUYS Petition Sample. Then, you should save your company info on E-TUYS system as it is stated in Investor Information Entry Guide with the username and password you received.
Finally, you may submit your application for investment incentive certification as explained in E-TUYS guide.

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade E-Signature Applications

Investor Info Entry Guide
YTB Notification
E-TUYS Petition Sample
E-TUYS User Authorization Form
E-TUYS Announcement
E-TUYS Letter of Dismissal
E-TUYS Notification of Authorization
E-TUYS National Activity and Product Classification US 97
E-TUYS Letter of Undertaking
E-TUYS Reguation no 1 June 2018-30438
E-TUYS Guide

Incentives to be provided for investments in Trabzon within those implementations are shown in the table below.

Incentives General Incentives Regional Incentive System Incentive for Large-Scale Investments Incentive for Strategic Investments
Regional Incentives (1st and 2nd Region) Medium and High Technology Investments (4th Region) Incentive for Prioritized Investments (5th Region)
VAT Exemption
Customs Duty Exemption
Tax Reduction
Incentive for Employer’s Insurance
** Contribution Incentive for Interest
Allocation of Investment Area
*** VAT Return

* Provided in case that the investment is made in 6th region.
** Provided in case that the investment is made in 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th region for regional incentive implementations.
*** Provided for strategic investments of which fixed investment amount is above 500 Million TL.

Investment Incentive Program / 1.59MB

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